Glass Installations by Chris Wood


Chris Wood specializes in creating portraits made from reflecting light off glass. I’m curious as to how long it takes him to finish a piece, but regardless his work is amazing.



Forest of Numbers by Emmanuelle Moureaux


Created by French architect Emmanuelle Moureaux, “Forest of Numbers” is supposed to represent the next ten years. More than 60,000 pieces of suspended numbers were placed in 3D grids (basically creating the Matrix). A section of the space was removed so that people could actually walk through the installation creating an extremely unique experience.


Palette Knife Portraits by Salman Khoshroo


Salman Khoshroo‘s work doesn’t even make sense. Look at how real these portraits look perception wise. For some reason these look so detailed yet at the same time it just looks like he’s just fucking around with the colors. There’s just amazing color balance and it’s not something anyone will be able to replicate or achieve. Amazing.