Watercolors by Maja Wronska


Watercolor is definitely in my top 3 for favorite mediums and I can thank artists like Maja Wronska for making that a fact. Her style just is so unique and raw. She’s so talented in her use of color as well as technique for light in her work and the detail is just amazing. She tends to have this gradient of color just transition through each piece and that’s not really something you see often.



Fish Paintings by Lisa Ericson


I know talent when I see it and Lisa Ericson is not fucking around with the brush. If you check out some of her work, you can tell she’s kind of weird but amazingly gifted. It’s always the weird ones that have so much talent.


Los Angeles Photography by Dylan Schwartz


I’ve lived in Los Angeles for the majority of my life and I love the city to death. That doesn’t mean I don’t take it for granted sometimes though. These photographs look so familiar to me yet so foreign and I think that’s what Dylan Schwartz does best with his work. His photographs of LA just don’t look like LA but they do look like LA. Yeah, that didn’t make sense but a lot of cool shit doesn’t make sense.


Palette Knife Portraits by Salman Khoshroo


Salman Khoshroo‘s work doesn’t even make sense. Look at how real these portraits look perception wise. For some reason these look so detailed yet at the same time it just looks like he’s just fucking around with the colors. There’s just amazing color balance and it’s not something anyone will be able to replicate or achieve. Amazing.