The Flexible Bauhaus by Penda


If I had the potential to come up with something as simple and ridiculous like this in architecture school, I would’ve probably became an architect. Thank God that didn’t happen.

Penda is a firm I’ve been following for a little over a year now, and I highly recommend checking out their projects. I’ll get more in depth with them in a future post. This particular project was a proposal for the New Bauhaus Museum Competition that includes rotating platforms which open up to an adjacent sculpture park.

I think rotating parts of the building to create a unique space and program is pretty genius. Yet the only problem that comes up in my mind is how potentially dangerous it is which is probably one of the reasons why it didn’t win the competition. I don’t know how fast those things rotate, but imagine just standing their looking at your phone and getting your ass whooped by a Transformer. That’s fucking awesome.

I love everything about this project except for the interior. The spiral staircase ruins it for me. I understand it might have been added because of the whole rotation shit going on outside, but it looks too tacky. Maybe it would be okay for a house, but not for a museum.